Invited seminars:

  •  In situ and operando X-ray scattering methods for studying the  atomic-scale structure of electrochemical interfaces 

Olaf Magnussen, Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Kiel University (Germany) 

  • Electrocatalysis for Electrochemicals 

Jan RossmeislDepartment of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Visualizing Defects and Its Correlated Electronic Structure with Atomic Resolution

Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Molecular Foundry-Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (USA)

  • Surfaces: The art of being in the middle

José Ángel Martín Gago, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC (Spain)

  • Photoelectrochemistry / -catalysis at the Atomic Scale – Model Studies and Model Systems

Rolf Jürgen Behm, Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Ulm University (Germany) 

  • Atomic-scale surface properties of a prototypical photocatalyst: TiO2

Ulrike Diebold, Institute of Applied Physics, TU Wien (Austria) 

  • Photo-electro-chemical water splitting and the making of renewable chemicals

Ib Chorkendorff, Surfcat, DTU Physics (Denmark) 

  • Energy transfer in the reactive and non-reactive dynamics of atoms and molecules at surfaces

Ricardo Díez Muiño, Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastián-Donostia (Spain)

  • Spectroelectrochemistry: a tool to study nanomaterials

Alvaro ColinaDepartamento de Química, Universidad de Burgos (Spain) 

  • Electrochemical tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy: from metal oxide films to individual redox proteins

Pau Gorostiza, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (Spain)

  •  Electrocatalytic properties of bidimensional systems prepared in ultra-high vacuum conditions

Doris Grumelli,  Instituto de Investigaciones Fisicoquímicas Teóricas y Aplicadas, INIFTA – CONICET

  •  2D materials and their electrochemistry

Craig Banks, Manchester Metropolitan University


Contributed talks:

  • Silvia Mena: Electro-Valorization of CO2 by Synthetizing Value-added Product Using Environmentally Friendly Strategies

  • Sabina Scarabino: Cobalt polypyridine complexes as redox electrolytes for ZnO-based dye-sensitized solar cells

  • Ane Etxebarria-Dueñas: Lithium surface evolution under different atmospheres

  • Isabella Weber: Spectro-Electrochemical Model Studies on Electrolyte Decomposition at the Anode|Electrolyte Interphase of Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Jurga Juodkazyt: Nanostructured Copper Oxides for Photoelectrochemical Production of Hydrogen: Stability Issues

  • Jonathan Rodríguez-Fernández:Binary Co/Fe oxides on Au(111) as model catalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

  • Florian Kraushofer: Atomic scale studies of the hematite (012) surface and reactivity

  • Elena Pastor: Highly active Pt-Sn nanocubes catalysts for ethanol oxidation reaction

  • Sixto Giménez: Coupling Photoactive and catalytic materials for enhanced water oxidation kinetics

  • Sven Warfsmann: Photoelectrochemical behavior of electrodeposited ferrite (MxFe3-xO4) films

  • Javier Quiñonero: The Amount of Co-catalyst as a Key Factor Determining the Efficiency of Photoelectrodes: The Case of Iron-Group Metal Hydroxides for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

  • Fabian Waidhas: Energy Storage in Strained Organic Molecules: In-Situ IR Spectroscopy During Photoelectrochemical Conversion Between Norbornadiene and Quadricyclane 

  • Rosa Arrigo: Chasing down the nature of the active sites responsible for the C-C coupling in the electrochemical activation of CO2 over C-supported FeOOH catalysts




    Poster size is A0 portrait (84 cm wide, 119 cm high). We will supply material for mounting the posters.